Levi’s® Made in Japan

Time moves in silence, just as craftsmen in their work.

Their hands, the tool of their trade, counteract the ravages of time. Construct the uncompromising essence of Levi’s® Made in Japan Collection.

Reeling Silk from the Cocoon
At Kaihara Factory, the traditional art of Japanese ring-spinning lives on with cotton fibres spiraling in the same direction to form ropes. Once the fibres are elongated and loosened, the fibres are twisted from thick to thin and into cotton threads.
Indigo Palette
Pure white raw yarn is immersed in a dye bath and exposed to light and oxygen to form a spectrum of denim blues. Our craftsmen employ a unique vertical dyeing process which leaves our denim white on the inside and blue on the outside. This allows our jeans to fade naturally over time with daily wear.
Skillfully Woven
We are committed to using TOYODA, a type of antique loom that is in limited supply. Its singular motor can coordinate the operation of all complex parts, allowing for highly precise and synergistic weaving of selvedges that make our jeans iconic.
Exquisite Craftsmanship
With over a century of experience, the Salite craftsmen have perfected every detail. From hemming the jeans to weaving light and dark lines to stitching inner pockets, each step is meticulously executed. Through tireless iterations of sampling, we have created jeans that are better suited to Asian figures.
Premium Quality
Every pair of jeans is carefully handled by SAAB craftsmen and goes through five parts: whiskers, front, back, waist, and trouser legs. The delicate yet vivid fading lines, impossible to reproduce by machines, are what make each pair of Made in Japan® jeans a unique work of art.
Stone Washed
Each layer of our jeans is frayed by Sakurajima volcanic rock. With the perfect amount of fading, every pair showcases a unique snowflake pattern and ripped texture.
Authentic Integrity
Reinforced by studs, our iconic hand-sewn Two Horse leather patch offers every pair of jeans a proud identity. After careful inspection by craftsmen, our jeans finally accomplish its mission — to be made of the highest quality. This is how our Levi’s® Made in Japan® jeans is born.

Distance is nothing with you here When you wear Levi’s® Made in Japan® You can feel our tacit appreciation of style Experience the emotions weaved into our high-quality denim

Colourful patchwork scattered all over for an artistic flair, pair our Trucker Jacket with the 505TM in the same style. Immerse yourself in the superior quality of Made in Japan®, down to the copper buckles and pocket interiors. A playful, comfy set that surely stands out from the crowd.

Known for its unique pleated detailing on the chest, this Type II Trucker Jacket is constructed for an extra roomy fit. Our Column jeans are handcrafted by artisans with rich combinations of light and dark denim and whitened whiskers.

Starting with each cotton thread, Levi’s® Made in Japan® adheres to meticulous production using the finest materials to construct the most authentic collection. Our denim pieces are crafted with precision and polished over time, embodying the cumulative effort put into every single product.