Welcome back to a new season of Levi’s® WellThread®, our collection designed at the intersection of sustainability and innovation. Even though we made the blueprint for the modern blue jean, we’re constantly finding ways to improve how we do it. Dig in as we catch you up on the latest from our research & development lab. Plus, get to know the standout pieces making waves this spring and summer.


As cotton is the foundation of almost all of our products, it’s crucial that we explore better ways to engage with the communities that grow this crop and support cultivation methods that reduce environmental footprints.

This season, everything is made with 100% transitional cotton, in order to support the scaling of organically grown cotton. Transitional cotton is cotton on its way to becoming organically grown, a process that takes about three years. Levi’s® continues to work with small shareholder farmers in India as they transition their fields to a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people, by relying on ecological processes, biodiversity and farming cycles adapted to local conditions. We are supporting these farmers by committing to the purchase of their transitional cotton crop, thereby reducing their financial risk during the transition period to organic farming.

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We’ve spent the last few years exploring circular design and recalibrating our WellThread® garments to be recycled in closed loop systems. Each and every component of a WellThread® garment’s anatomy—from the fabric to the iconic Levi’s® Two Horse patch to the buttons and zippers—can be recycled. By designing for recyclability with mono-material styles, we keep garments out of landfills and give them a second, or even third, life. That way, when the day comes and they’re no longer wearable, they can be created into something entirely new.

*Recyclable only in communities that have appropriate recycling ecosystems.

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It’s no surprise that the people who know best what workers need are the workers themselves. That’s why our Worker Well-being initiative takes a unique approach of partnering with factories and workers to design and deliver programs that meet their needs. First, our participating suppliers survey factory employees to hear firsthand what will help them feel more engaged, productive and healthy at work. Then, we partner with nonprofit organizations or support suppliers’ efforts to implement programs or interventions that address needs and drive long-term improvements in worker health and well-being.


Our collection features an innovative new approach to printing. All of our WellThread® denim is dyed with plant-based indigo, and our diffused botanical print is made with plant-based indigo ink.


This season, we’ve created six WellThread® pieces that offer something for everyone. First up, soft-touch sueded ecru denim. Picture that off-white raw linen color that just *feels* vintage, done in a rich, supersoft texture. Go for a tonal look in the matching Orchard Soft-Structured Trousers + Down to Earth Trucker Jacket set for her. For him, the Stonefield Shirt is great for layering or wearing alone. Next, our plant-based pixelated botanical print is a subtle nod to spring florals. Catch the barely-there light blue and white design on our men’s Stay Loose Carpenter Pants and women’s ’80s Mom Shorts. Lastly, our Wildflower denim dress rounds out the series and practically screams “summer staple.”

WellThread® started with an idea to make things differently and has grown into a platform for innovation. Thoughtfully reducing the impact of clothing production is an immense undertaking, and we’re investing in it for the long term. Check out our entire WellThread® collection and get to know us better through our company values.