Step inside the second episode of Levi's Archives Levi's hong kong

Few things are made to last forever.

Your Levi’s® are one of them. Step into our blue fireproof safe, deep in the Archives, to discover how “Built to Last” is more than just a slogan.

An old photo of Levi's 201 jeans Levi's hong kong

Imagine deep in a mineshaft in 1980, discovering not gold, but a pair of 100-year-old Levi’s® 201 jeans, frozen in time and dirt.

Or sewing your memories from the summer of love into a pair of indigo 501s bought at a second-hand store. Or buying a pair of bootcut jeans today, that vintage collectors will consign 10 years from now. Few things are made to last forever. Levi’s® are one of them.

An old brochure from Levi Strauss and Co Levi's hong kong

Born of a workman’s partnership between our original denim tailor Jacob Davis and our founder Levi Strauss, quality craftsmanship lives in every seam and stud of your Levi’s®.

You’ll find it in the copper rivets that keep your pockets from tearing. And the archetype fabric that survives hard work, even as it gets softer over time. All double-stitched with quality thread.

“Built to Last” is more than just a slogan.

It’s an ethos that distinguishes the quality materials that make every piece of Levi’s® a heritage piece. And a nod to the days in 1910, when we were so confident in our superior quality, we offered a replacement guarantee for every ripped pair of jeans.

Step into our blue fireproof safe with Archives Director Tracey Panek, as she highlights how Levi’s® denim withstands the passage of time and sets trends across generations.

Whether it’s in the discovery of a 100-year-old pair of jeans found in a mineshaft near Dawson City. Or the tale of a long-loved pair of 60’s patchwork pants that capture the summer of love for an artist and illustrator. Or on a Zoom call with vintage denim enthusiasts talking about sustainability in today’s world.

Levi’s® has always been defined by the people who wear them.

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