Through the Line

Lokman@MIRROR and JACE in Levi’s® Premium Denim Collection
Officially Launching Levi’s® Lunar New Year “Through the Line” Campaign

To welcome the arrival of the Lunar New Year, Levi's® Hong Kong is launching the "Through the Line" brand campaign to introduce, two high-end denim collections - Selvedge and Made in Japan collection. This campaign advocates the adventurous spirit of "Through the Line" and uses selvedge as an analogy. It’s all about breaking traditions, staying authentic to yourself, and reinventing classics in the new year!


Our iconic selvedge, paired with Japan’s superior craftsmanship, is a symbol of the highest denim qualityin the industry. Considered one of the finest fabrics in the world, our selvedge denim is woven on a traditional, narrow shuttle loom. This time-honored technique creates a more durable fabric with fine textures.

On top of using one of the world’s fines fabrics, the Levi’s® Made in Japan collection also pays great attention to details and craftsmanship in its production process. This season, our collection brings in all new designs as a testimony of Levi’s® commitment to quality and creativity.

Levi’s® in 2024 brings three different selvedges to their most celebrated and premium collection. As for this Lunar New Year collection, jeans are decorated with a Year of the Dragon edition patch in subtle auspicious red and gold to welcome new beginnings.

Levi’s® invited two special guests Lokman @ MIRROR and JACE to stylize the our “Through the Line” campaign – Lokman@MIRROR and JACE – who are known for coming out of their comfort zones and never backing down from a challenge. Dressed in denim from head to toe, their denim-on-denim looks prove that this style transcends time and can live on forever.

Through the Line