501 150 Hongkong Stories

150 Hong Kongers' Levi's 501 Stories - Levi's Hong Kong

The "May 20 1873" two-horse leather patch on Levi's® jeans marks the day when Levi's® obtained the patent right on May 20, 1873. Every year on May 20th, it is an important day for Levi's® to celebrate! This year is the 150th anniversary of the birth of the 501® jeans, and Levi's® Hong Kong is celebrating this historic moment by hosting "The Greatest Stories by 150 Hong Kongers" exhibition on May 26-28, 2023 at Parallel Space. We invite everyone to explore the stories of 150 Hong Kongers and their relationships with the 501® jeans, travel through time for a century and a half to see how this classic pair of jeans has crossed a century and continues to lead the fashion industry, and admire the precious collections of vintage collectors. Few art pieces created by modern artists using the 501® jeans will be exhibited too. You can also join free workshops to make your own 150th anniversary denim mini bags.

For the past 150 years since 1873, Levi's® 501® jeans have been one of the most enduring and innovative fashion icons in the world, and also the origin of all other jeans. Countless revolutionaries, adventurers, experimenters, thinkers, superstars, and artists have been infatuated with the charm of Levi's® 501® original straight jeans, growing up with these jeans that have a splendid history of 150 years and witnessing their evolution from ordinary workwear to fashionable clothing beloved by all around the world. It has become an eternal symbol that transcends cultural and class boundaries. Levi's® 501® is not just a pair of jeans, it carries countless stories of the jeans lovers over the past 150 years, like an endless book of memories, written by everyone who buckles up our iconic fifth buttons.

150 of 501® Hong Kongers’ Greatest Stories Ever Written

"The Greatest Stories By 150 Hong Kongers" campaign is the main event for Levi’s® Hong Kong's celebration. We have invited 150 local 501® lovers, including Rubberband, Wong Yat Ho, Maria Tang, Jason Kui, Lousy, and others. Among them are musicians, artists, fashionistas, vintage collectors, Levi’s® jeans fans, dancers, designers, students, and people from all walks of life. We asked them to share how they normally style their Levi’s® 501® Original Straight jeans, their experiences with this iconic model, and what 501® means to them: classic, eternal, fashionable, complex, rebellious, free, durable, youthful, traces of time, memories, father, a time machine, and so on. Each story showcases how 501® has been with them through different life stages and has a significant meaning on every occasion. We invite you to join us and create your very own Greatest Story Ever Worn.

The exhibition showcases several historical Levi's® 501® treasures and art creations, including MC Yan's 501® jeans, vintage collector Gary's 1874 Levi’s® jeans fragments, vintage collector Chi Wan's customized vintage 501® jeans, 501® jeans creatively designed by students from the Hong Kong Design Institute, upcycled denim jeans created by designer Sonic Lam, a 3D 501® 150 art installation by Zoie Lam, upcycled denim banners by ABAX, and denim artworks created by designer Horace Tsui. These creations witness the past, present, and infinite possibilities of this classic pair of jeans.

In addition, visitors who register as Levi's® Loop™ Denim Members can receive a free upcycled 501® denim pouch and visit our workshop to add their personal touch to the pouch using the 501® 150th anniversary embroidery designed by artist Lousy. Taking photos on-site and sharing them on social media can also receive gifts or shopping privileges, but places are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.




We hope you continue to create your very own Greatest Story Ever Worn. To join us for next year’s 501® celebrations, follow Levi’s® social media for our latest updates.