Fall/Winter 2022

Our Most Sustainably Designed Collection is Also the Dream Lab for the Future of Levi’s®

Levi's WellThread collection - Levi's Hong Kong

Levi’s® WellThread® is our most sustainably aspirational collection. It’s where our hopes for the future become wearable realities and our innovations are invented before being implemented on a larger scale across our brand. We’re lessening our impact on Mother Nature at every step of the design and creation process. From our Water Less® finishing methods and Worker Well-being efforts to our mission for greater circularity and recyclability, we’re forever finding new ways to improve our clothes—and it all goes down in our Levi’s® WellThread® research and development (a.k.a. dream) lab.

Progress in Process

It’s true. With every single piece of Levi’s® WellThread® we make, we’re fulfilling our pledge to:

Levi’s WellThread collection‘s characteristic - Levi's Hong Kong

“At Levi’s®, we consider the past, present and future. We design for longevity and durability, so the resources used to create our jeans are put to good use.”

—Una Murphy, Director Design, Global Innovation

Green-Thumb Classics

Style as nature intended it. Our entire Levi’s® WellThread® fall/winter 2022 collection is made using plant-based dyes—this time with a focus on indigo in new shades and looser, baggier silhouettes. All done with water-saving dye techniques and a low-impact dye process called screened chemistry, which allows us to identify and replace potentially harmful chemicals with more people- and planet-friendly alternatives.

Two models styled in Levi's WellThread outfits - Levi's Hong Kong
Levi's WellThread jeans - Levi's Hong Kong

The Good Stuff

As cotton is the foundation of almost all of our products, it’s crucial that we explore better ways to engage with the communities that grow this crop and choose cultivation methods that are better for people and the planet. That’s why we use responsibly grown organic and transitional cottons throughout our line. Water loves organic cotton because it needs less of it and fewer chemicals to cultivate, which helps keep our waterways lush and lovely. Transitional cotton is grown on farms transitioning from conventional cotton to organic.

While traditional cotton won’t cause damage to you, the wearer, the chemicals conventionally used in its cultivation can be impactful to the farmers who tend to the crops, the native fauna and the surrounding environment. Organic cotton doesn’t use these pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. So think about it as showing respect to Mother Earth and the beings that call her home.

Levi's WellThread: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle - Levi's Hong Kong

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

We all know the phrase, but it’s a lot harder said than done. In fact, currently, less than 1% of clothing is recycled. To address this, we’ve spent the last few years exploring circular design and recalibrating our WellThread® garments to be recycled and transformed through material recovery.

Each and every component of a WellThread® garment’s anatomy—from the fabric to the iconic Levi’s® Two Horse patch to the zipper—can be recycled. By designing for recyclability with mono-material styles, we keep garments out of landfills and give them a second, or even third, life. That way, when the day comes and they’re no longer wearable, they can be created into something entirely new.

“Circular design is important because it allows us to maximize the resources already embedded into our clothing.”

—Una Murphy, Director Design, Global Innovation

Lady styled in Levi's WellThread Dolly Bloom Dress - Levi's Hong Kong

Worker Well-being

It’s no surprise that the people who know best what workers need are the workers themselves. That’s why our Worker Well-being program takes a unique approach to addressing their needs. First, our suppliers survey factory employees to hear firsthand what will help them feel more engaged, productive and healthy. Then we partner with nonprofits and non-governmental organizations to implement programs that better serve them and deliver on the agreed-upon improvements.

Lady styled in Levi's WellThread denim jacket and jeans - Levi's Hong Kong

And there’s so much more good stuff. Shop sustainably and check out our entire WellThread® collection. Then, nerd out with us some more over our company values.