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Levi’s Made & Crafted Made In Japan Collection - Levi's Hong Kong

Every season, our Levi’s® Made & Crafted® collection features an exclusive “Made in Japan” capsule with pieces constructed from one of the most coveted fabrics in the world—Japanese denim. For fall/winter 2022, we present some of our most beloved silhouettes, constructed from selvedge denim in a range of rich indigo washes. Each garment is embellished with a red sun on the leather patch, emblematic of the Hinomaru symbol, the national flag of Japan. Secondary

Selvedge Denim

The finest denim in production today, selvedge is derived from the term “self-edge” denim. Known for its superior quality and tailored look, it’s easily recognizable by the self-finished clean edge, or the crisp fabric strip that runs along the inside of the outseam. This denim is created using traditional narrow-width shuttle looms, which produce tightly woven strips of heavy fabric that don’t unravel or fray. These shuttle looms are now considered incredibly rare worldwide, with near-antique status—and they’re still being used in Japan.

The Denim Product is Made with High Quality Fabric - Levi's Made in Japan


Known for its superior construction and an unmatched level of precision that’s only attainable by artisans trained in Japanese craftsmanship.

Denim Product with Traditional Dyeing - Levi's Made in Japan


The rich indigo color gives each garment its own distinctive character – one that becomes more beautiful with time and wear.

Finishing Denim Product - Levi's Made in Japan


Grinding the fabric by hand to create subtle fading and delicate fraying makers each pair of jeans a work of art.

The Overview of Levi's Made in Japan Jeans - Levi's Hong Kong

Unique Made in Japan label

Custom Red Sunrise on 2 Horse Pull Back Patch

Premium made blue selvedge

Kaihara Denim Mills

We continue our long-standing tradition of partnering with the world-renowned Kaihara Denim Mills, best known for their impeccable attention to detail and unique manufacturing process. The garments resulting from these techniques are, quite simply, the best of the best.

Craftsmanship without compromise. This is Made in Japan