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Levi's Red 2022 Logo - Levi's Hong Kong

Spring Summer 2022
Re-Imagines the 2007 Original

First launched in 1999, Levi’s® Red™ was a collection designed to take classic elements of Levi’s® denim and re-imagine them in a more fashion forward, modern day interpretation. And while that remains true for the new Spring/Summer 2022 version of Levi’s® Red™, this season also takes inspiration from the original 2007 collection, making it not only a reinterpretation of classic Levi’s®, but a reinterpretation of classic Levi’s® Red™.

Just as in 2007, this collection features a mix of artful irregularities, including asymmetric arcuates on the back pockets of the jeans, special stitching details on the fly, irregular shaped back pockets and front pocket scoops, offset center back belt loops, and flattened rivets and tabs. It’s a wide range of classic Levi’s® Red™ elements, only added to current, more modern fits and silhouettes. And all of it perfectly represents that Red™ ethos of “perfect imperfection.”

The Spring ’22 Red™ collection features a range of tees with graphics including a striped tee with a left front Levi’s® Batwing logo in irregular stitching, and a special Lunar New Year tee with graphic in gold foil. And while men’s tees and tops are mostly in a relaxed fit, women get a range of both relaxed and oversized fits. Another feature of Spring ’22 Red™ is the introduction of natural indigo dye made from the woad plant. It’s a cleaner version of indigo that uses less water and chemicals, and features a lighter indigo hue.

All in all, it’s a lineup that boasts the favorite elements of the original 2007 collection only with modern fits and reinterpretations, as well as a cleaner, more tailored heritage aesthetic. Perfect for bridging the past, present, and future of Levi’s® into one ultra-stylish modern collection.

The Levi’s® Red™ collection is now available at all stores* and online.

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