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  • This season, Levi’s® is collaborating with renowned Japanese stylist Ryota Yamada to create a collection that boldly pairs accessories with the ultimate denim-on-denim looks, giving you the confidence for anywhere, anytime.

    Denim jackets and shirts have always been a perfect match for 501® jeans, just as their important role in the evolution of American Western style. Starting from the 1890s, Coincidentally all starting with “5”s, the 506 (Type I denim jacket) from the 1890s was jokingly named the unofficial workers’ uniform. The 507 (Type II denim jacket) from the 1950s married athleticism with fashion. The 557 (Type III denim jacket) from the 1960s witnessed the evolution from practicality to a fashion statement. Denim is truly different from others. A full denim look has a simple but not simplistic appeal that boldly stands out in an overwhelming market. It holds an irreplaceable place in fashion. With a full denim look as your foundation, pair different accessories and statement items, add a splash of your creativity, and transform ordinary denim into your very own expression of self.

  • Everyone can be inspired by fashion catalogues to create their own unique denim look. Instead of focusing on the trousers, go against the rule and accentuate a denim-on-denim combo.

  • Boldly layer and combine, embrace different cuts and fabrics, mix and match unexpected colours to create endless styles. This is the power of a full denim look on you.